c. 2022

running with relatives explores the intersection of running while brown as an act of hope and the occupation of public space as a revolutionary act that breaks the bounds of time. The artworks within this show focus on my brownness as a queer, first-generation, and displaced Salvadorean/Mexican runner. In relation to navigating through time, space, and training, these works explore relationality. What does it mean to be displaced and run on stolen land? Where do the moments for rest, recovery, belonging, and healing reside within running? 

Since the beginning of time, Indigenous communities have used running as a tool for gathering food, transportation, and communication. The action of running has persisted through eras where borders and walls had not yet existed and eras in which they were imagined, constructed, and violently maintained. Today a large portion of the human population continues to run. Run from imperialism, environmental disasters, capitalism, colonization, prosecution, war, and other systems of oppression to seek rest, safety, and a sense of belonging elsewhere.

This body of work was a part of running with relatives Solo Exhibition at La Chancla DiY Space (1413 St. SW Albuquerque, NM.)